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New York Shopping

(by item):
· Coats
· Suits/Business Dress
· Jeans
· Formal Dresses
· Jewelry
· Any Item/Brand

For those who require elite shopping services, I offer top- level customized excursions. Contact me directly regarding your interest, and we will discuss the options.

(by theme):

· Sample Sales
· Vintage Clothing
· Wedding Apparel
· Bargain Shopping
· Plus Size Shopping
· Upscale Consignment
· Create Your Own Theme

Shopping by theme or by item typically involves stores located all over Manhattan. These would be a 4-5 hour tour and transportation of your choice must be used.

(by neighborhood):

· SOHO/Nolita
· Madison Avenue
· Fifth Avenue
· East Village
· Lower East Side

Shopping by neighborhood involves visiting the stores in that particular area, usually a 2-4 hour walking tour.